Stage 4 | Technical Design

Technical Design

Technical Design is the most imperative stage with the imminent construction phase of your project, within this stage we will develop the approved planning drawings to produce the full technical design package. We produce a full design of each section / part of the project including the construction method & quality of materials, we are sticklers for detail as after all, ‘the devil is in the detail’.

Alongside these construction drawings we appoint and coordinate consultants whom are relevant to the completion of this phase of the project aswell as incorporating all necessary information into our package to ensure cohesion. This phase includes the full plans building control application in which the technical package is reviewed with respect of the building regulations compliance and the associated plan appraisal certificate is issued.

Statutory Bodies

Local Authority Building Control:

Here at LG Architectural Services we are partnered with Southern Building Control which means we can provide you with a direct route through to obtaining building regulations approval. We work closely with our partner to ensure we uphold the fantastic working relationship we have with them.

There are two main ways to obtain Building Control Approval:

  1. Full Plans Submission – This ensures your work is submitted to and approved by the building control inspectors prior to works commencing on site. Within their checking procedure they may request changes to the drawings and (or) specification of Items, all of which we will manage in the background. This provides you with certainty and clarity the design has been verified and authorised by an independent body which mitigates any on site or unforeseen changes which can lead to unnecessary expenses. This is our recommended application method and what we will always quote for.  
  2. Building Notice – This application is the quickest method and allows for a prompt start on site, the application can be made 48 hours prior to works commencing on site although there is no drawing or review of specification against the building regulations. The works are inspected as the project progresses, which increases risk of added costs if works are not complaint or changes need to be made to satisfy building control. We would advise this application is only used for minor works or very simple alterations. 

Build Over Agreement:

Build over agreements are required for any building works to existing properties within 3 meters of a public sewer, or within 1 meter of a public lateral drain. Due to the general arrangement of developments within the south east it is highly likely your project will require a build over agreement. We will prepare the relevant drawings & documents in preparation for submission to the local water authority to obtain build over agreement consent on your behalf. 


Structural Engineer:

From stage 4 onwards it is necessary to appoint a structural engineer who will undertake all the necessary design calculations for any steel beams, structural members, foundations etc. which are required as part of the proposed design. We will continue to liaise with the appointed engineer to ensure the proposals are coherent and in accordance with our technical package. 

Drainage Consultant (New Build):

A drainage consultant / engineer is required for any new build property and is responsible for the design and specification of the surface & foul water system within.

CCTV Drainage Survey:

With all projects we strongly advise a CCTV Drainage Survey is undertaken to ascertain the condition of the existing surface & foul water system aswell as providing an indication of direction of runs, location of SVP’s & SS’. A drainage survey will also provide vital information which will be required for a build over agreement application. 

Party Wall Surveyor:

A Party Wall surveyor is a consultant who advises and enforces the party wall act, they are typically required on most projects when work involves a party wall.

Energy Consultant:

Due to the increasing importance the construction industry has on CO2 emissions, local authorities are under increasing pressure to improve the energy performance and efficiency of buildings within their borough. In some instances an energy consultant is required to provide their expertise in relation to your proposals impact on the environment. Energy consultants services include:

  • New build EPC’s
  • New build, Extension & conversion SAP calculations
  • Air tightness & ventilation testing
  • Renewable energy advice & installation
  • Approved document O (Overheating) calculations & thermal modelling (TM59)
  • Part G Water calculations


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